What are Some Essential Swimming Pool Products?

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Essential swimming pool products include those items which are needed for safe and sanitary operation of a pool. Whether the pool is indoors or outdoors makes very little difference. The main thing to consider is what is needed to make the pool safe, both when in use and when not in use. Some of these items may be determined by local regulations.

In some jurisdictions, any time there is an in-ground pool, there will need to a pool fence. Of all the swimming pool products that might be bought, this one could save lives. These fences are usually very easy to set up and can be easily overcome by older children and adults. However, they are very effective at keeping toddlers, who likely have not learned to swim, out of the pool.

One of the most expensive swimming pool products that will need to be purchased is the pool pump and filter system. Together, these items take care of the technical operation of the pool, including filtration and circulation. This helps remove sediments and other impurities. Without this system, the pool will likely become very hard to deal with and keep clean enough for swimming.


Swimming pool products will also include a number of pool maintenance items. A pool vacuum system and at least one type of net will be needed. Often, two types of nets be be used. A deep cradled net can be used to clear out major debris. A skimming net will be used to quickly pick up anything that is left over. Various pool brushes will also help keep the pool clean by dislodging any algae that may be attached to the pool walls.

Other essential swimming pool products include the various pool chemicals needed to make the pool safe from bacteria and other forms of aquatic life that may be tempted to take up residence in the water. Chemicals will include, at a bare minimum, chlorine and acid. Other types of chemicals may be used for testing the levels of these products. Another type of chemical may be used to help settle sediments if the water becomes cloudy. Though not essential, even concentrated dyes can be used to create different effects in the pool.

For those who have pools that may be not used for longer periods of time, pool covers may seem like an essential product. This is especially true for public pools, where pool managers may wish to keep people out of the basin during off times. The covers will discourage much of the exploration that might otherwise happen. Further, these covers keep most debris out of the pool until it is ready for use again.



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