What are Vacuum Accessories?

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Vacuum accessories are products which are designed to be used with a vacuum cleaner. They vary from replacement parts used in routine maintenance to attachments which extend the usability of a vacuum cleaner. Many hardware and home supply stores carry vacuum accessories, and it is also possible to order them through manufacturer catalogs. Often, obtaining accessories is much more cost effective than replacing a vacuum cleaner which is not quite meeting one's needs.

Accessories are available for upright, canister, central, and other vacuuming systems. They can be divided into two categories: parts for maintenance, and extenders of some form which change the function of the vacuum cleaner. Many manufacturers have specific vacuum accessories they make and recommend, but it is also possible to use generic versions, which tend to be less costly. Some manufacturers also have warranty periods and special promotions which allow consumers to obtain manufacturer-recommended parts at little or no cost.


Parts for maintenance include things like replacement bags, belts, hoses, filters, and brushers. It is a good idea to periodically break a vacuum down for servicing and replacement of worn parts, especially if the vacuum has started performing below par. A struggling vacuum can be restored to full functionality with a few simple steps, like washing filters, clearing clogged intake vents, and replacing a belt. Most vacuums can be broken down very easily, although this task is best done outside or over a spread newspaper so that the collected detritus from the vacuum does not soil the floor.

Extenders include things like extra-long hoses, wand attachments, brusher attachments, and other specialized attachments which can be used for particular cleaning tasks. It is also possible to find hose adapters which can convert the end of a hose so that a differently-shaped or sized attachment can be snapped onto the hose. Vacuum accessories like carts for moving industrial drum vacuums and racks for hanging vacuums out of the way are available as well.

Before buying vacuum parts, it is a good idea to get the manufacturer's part number so that the right part can be purchased from a manufacturer. If generic parts are being purchased, the part number, make, and model should be noted down so that a generic part which fits that vacuum can be identified in the store. For extenders, noting the manufacturer and characteristics of the connections on the vacuum is a good idea, so that appropriate parts or adapters can be obtained.



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