What is a Hand Vacuum?

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One of the most useful tools for everyday cleaning is a hand vacuum. It has a small, compact size and can come with a cord or be battery powered. Depending on the voltage of its motor, it can be quite powerful. Often the batteries are rechargeable – so there is no need to spend money on batteries; just recharge as needed. Although the brands vary greatly, many hand vacuums have a narrow nose while others have attachments that make it easy to clean tough to reach areas.

There are many uses for a hand vacuum. Unlike the cumbersome, full-size vacuum cleaner, its small size makes it perfect for cleaning debris off of the stairs. Since, it is usually cordless, becoming tangled in the cord and falling down the stairs is not a concern.

Many people use a hand vacuum to clean the interior of their vehicle, as well. Again, its small size allows it to fit in hard to reach crevices – perfect for cleaning between the seats and along the floor mats and floor boards. In addition, those with young children will find its ability to vacuum up food remnants in and around car seats invaluable.


Pet owners will love its ability to eliminate pet fur from the seat upholstery. Many hand held vacuums are powerful enough to clean fur from sofas and from cars. Plus, if the pet has a favorite spot to rest, using a hand vacuum is a great way to clean that area thoroughly.

It is easy to empty the hand vacuum of debris. Many of the newer models are bagless: simply hit a button, the container holding the debris is then disengaged from the vacuum. Then, dump the debris out of the container into the trash. In the alternative, there are models that use bags to collect the debris. They, too, are easy to clean: when the bag is full, throw it out, and then, replace it with a new bag.

Some models have a hygienic exhaust. It prevents dusty, allergen-filled air from being re-circulated back into the room. The hygienic exhaust feature of the hand vacuum is especially useful for those people who suffer from allergies, such as pet dander and dust.

Most models of hand vacuums should not be used outside or in wet areas. As with any electrical equipment, if it is not specifically designed for outdoor or wet use, electric shock is possible. It is important to read the owner’s manual for the hand vacuum before using it to prevent injury or to avoid ruining the device itself.



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