What are the Different Kinds of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories?

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There are many different kinds of vacuum cleaner accessories available for purchase and use with the different types of vacuum cleaners on the market. Standard vacuum cleaners will often have replacement parts available, such as belts and bags, as well as filters for dust filtration systems. There are also extenders and wands available to allow the vacuum cleaner to work more effectively or reach certain areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Hand-held vacuum cleaners also have different accessories available, such as charging stations and attachments. There are also newer kinds of vacuum cleaners, such as robotic ones that have unique vacuum cleaner accessories made specifically for them.

Upright vacuum cleaners typically have a number of different vacuum cleaner accessories. These are often made available by the manufacturer of the vacuum, though other companies may also offer products for use with certain types. Some of the most common accessories include replacement parts such as belts and bags, as well as dust filters and handles.

There are also many vacuum cleaner accessories that go with an upright vacuum to make it more of a multitasking device. These commonly include wands or extenders that connect to the intake on a vacuum cleaner and allow a hand-held nozzle to be used to capture dust and dirt in areas inaccessible by the cleaner itself. This can be used to clean drapes, corners, under furniture, and upholstered surfaces of furniture such as couches and chairs.


Vacuum cleaner accessories can also be made to allow a vacuum to work better with a specific surface, such as hard wood or tile. These accessories can include nozzles and wands with brushes that better capture dust and dirt on a hard surface, or water systems that turn a standard vacuum cleaner into a wet vacuum cleaner. Other vacuum cleaner accessories are made specifically for hand-held vacuum cleaners. These often include charging stations where the hand-held vacuum can be easily plugged in while not in use, as well as hose and nozzle attachments.

New vacuum cleaning robots can also utilize numerous vacuum cleaner accessories to better clean the area patrolled by the robot. These accessories include additional brushes that can make the robot clean carpet more effectively, or replacement brushes that enable the device to clean uncarpeted surfaces more thoroughly. There are also more aesthetic vacuum cleaner accessories for these robots, such as decals and faceplates that can be used to make the device look unique or stylish.



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