What Are Treehouse Condos?

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Treehouse condos are apartments, or condominiums, that are designed and constructed around a tree. This type of living space is typically built high up into different kinds of trees, perched on ancient oaks, redwoods, Douglas fir, or fig trees. Since construction can be a bit challenging, builders and architects tend to work together closely when creating a treehouse design. Usually, treehouse condos offer the same amenities that normal apartment complexes do, including electricity, plumbing and all the modern conveniences most people expect in a home. These condos can also be eco-friendly, since building them usually doesn’t require large numbers of trees to be cleared.

Although treehouse condos may have the latest amenities, many of these homes in the sky are designed to work alongside nature. Often the tree grows right through the center of the condo, with decking off to one side so tenants can enjoy a bird’s eye view. Many treehouse plans are designed to have minimal environmental impact, using recycled materials and built to keep the home energy efficient. For homeowners who are trying to adopt a green lifestyle, there are even elevated homes that are temporary. These homes can be unbolted and moved or the building materials can be recycled.


Building treehouse condos can be challenging, so sound architectural plans may be important to having a successful living space. Some of the difficult conditions builders may have to contend with are tree growth, sap, and the natural sway of trees in different weather conditions. There is also the complicated task of getting the materials up the tree and assembling them at tremendous heights. Other challenges may include getting water supply to the home and the installation of plumbing. Depending on the location of the condo, builders may also face legal issues involving building permits and zoning laws.

This kind of living space often has a hexagonal shape, as this shape lends itself to being built into a tree, but there are treehouse condos in many shapes. There are probably as many designs for these elevated homes as there are trees able to support them. For example, some treehouse condos may have several levels with adjoining walkways or even a traditional A-frame design. There is usually at least one deck involved in treehouse living, and a stair will probably be needed to get to the home. Since these condos are so high up in the tree tops, they may offer views that are not found in traditional condominium complexes.



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