How do I Choose the Best Tree House Designs?

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Building tree houses can be fun, challenging, and rewarding for adults and children alike, and there are many factors to consider when choosing tree house designs. Safety must be taken into consideration first and foremost. The tree on which the house is to be built, if there is one, will have the most impact on the project's design and structural integrity. A freestanding tree house, on the other hand, can be open to more design possibilities since there is no tree in the way. The design itself will be determined by factors like budget, available materials, and time, among other considerations. Tree house designs can be predetermined, or they can come purely from the imaginations of the builders.

Many different tree house designs are available to choose from. A great place to begin searching for designs is online. There are also many resources available at local bookstores and libraries. Home improvement stores will not only have necessary supplies, but can also be a good source of information on tree house designs. There are also employees who can offer help through advice and knowledge of available materials. The designs for a tree house sometimes have to be purchased, so it is essential to know that it can be built before buying these designs.


The best tree house designs will mainly be a matter of personal preference. There are limitless possibilities of designs, ranging from simple wood tree houses all the way to mansion-like tree houses with multiple rooms and fun features. One only needs to do a quick image search of tree houses to see some of the many possibilities. Most people will be looking for somewhere in between these two extremes, especially when considering monetary factors.

The design for a non-freestanding tree house is dependent on the tree that it is going to be built on. The tree must be mature, and the tree house design must allow for the tree to be able to grow without compromising the integrity and safety of the tree house. It is also possible for the structure to be built on two or more trees, which makes it easy to rule out many basic designs that can only be built on one. Freestanding tree houses, on the other hand, can be usually be improvised a bit more, unless there are close trees surrounding them that may become a factor one day.

After searching, one or more sets of tree house designs may be found that can be considered as possibilities. It is important to set a budget and to be sure that the tree house that is chosen falls within its constraints. If the price of the materials add up to be too much, it may be necessary to start searching again for cheaper tree house designs. These materials will also include the building tools that may also need to be purchased or rented.



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