What are the Different Types of Tree House Accessories?

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Over all new technology, gadgetry, and even robots, a tree house still remains one of the most versatile toys in the world. These treetop dwellings can become pirate ships, club headquarters, and the only safe place to hide from werewolves during a slumber party. Once a tree house is built, choosing tree house accessories can help set the tone and broaden the imagination of those enter. With a little thought and ingenuity, tree house accessories can create an unforgettable environment full of possibilities and adventure.

Classical tree house accessories involve ingenious ways to get in and out of the house itself. This may include a fireman's pole for sliding down, rope ladders for climbing up, and a trapdoor to enter. Consider having a choice of entrances and exits if kids of different ages will be using the tree house; a sturdy wooden ladder or even stairs may allow timid or very young children the courage to get up in the tree, while adventurous older children may prefer more tricky methods.


As long as the tree has sufficient strength, consider using a branch or two to build swings as part of the tree house set up. Swings can be purchased from toy and outdoor suppliers, or can be made easily at home. Using sturdy boards, rope, and tires, a variety of different swings can be built and installed in just a few hours, making this a fun activity for the tree house users to do together with adult supervision. A net can also make an admirable hammock if two nearby trees are available for use.

Inside the tree house, decor and features allow the imagination to run wild. Some simple milk crates can provide seating and storage, while an unused box or chest can become a storehouse for treasures, sleeping bags, or snacks. In case of bumps and bruises, a simple first aid kit may be a useful tree house accessory.

For tree house accessories that help expand the mind and provide entertainment, consider adding a bookshelf and filling it with stories to inspire the imagination. Classic books like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Treasure Island can help flame the adventurous soul. Books full of games and ideas, such as the the Dangerous Book for Boys or the Daring Book for Girls can give months worth of activities and projects to try. Also consider adding some kids magazines inspired by the natural surroundings of the tree house, such as National Geographic Kids.

For those interested in more comfortable tree house accessories, consider adding some inexpensive soft furnishings. Cozy rugs, curtains on the windows, and beanbags or soft chair seats can turn a tree house into a sweet, comfortable room. Be sure to choose fabric that can be easily cleaned and washed; being outside and up a tree, fabrics will likely need to stand up to a lot of usage.



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