What are the Different Types of Organic Aromatherapy Supplies?

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There are a number of organic aromatherapy supplies on the market, the most common being organic aromatherapy essential oils and organic carrier oils. Organic aromatherapy oils are made from organically grown plants such as lavender, lemons, and eucalyptus, which are put through an extraction process that yields the oil. Most essential oils are quite strong and need to be diluted when they are used for therapeutic purposes such as massages and aromatherapy baths. When an essential oil is diluted in another oil, the second oil is referred to as a carrier oil. Carrier oils — which include olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, sesame oil, and oils from many other plants — can also be grown in an organic manner.

Plants that are grown for use in organic aromatherapy products must be grown without the use of chemicals. It is common for fertilizers and pesticides to include chemicals, which means that these kinds of products are typically not used by organic farmers and organic gardeners. In some cases, organically grown plants will be treated with natural, plant-based products to protect them from pests or to help them grow. These sorts of plants can be used to extract organic aromatherapy oils to be used in oil blends, in skin care products, in oil diffusers and candles, and in bath products.

Organic essential oils are sometimes blended together for specific aromatherapeutic purposes. A company selling essential oil blends might sell one blend that promotes a sense of calm and relaxation and another that helps the user to feel energized and awake. These blends are sometimes made using exclusively organic products. Some people also prefer to use only organic skin care products. For this market, there are organic aromatherapy soaps, lotions, and bath oils.

Organic aromatherapy oils can be used as part of a skin care regimen or as a way to scent one's home, work area, or even car. There are a few ways in which these products can be diffused into the air. One of the most common ways is to use an oil diffuser that uses a small light bulb or tea light to warm the oil and diffuse it through the air. Another way is to use a candle that has been infused with organic essential oils. For the office or the car, there are also aromatherapy diffusers that fit into electrical outlets and cigarette adapters.


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