What are the Different Types of Aromatherapy Supplies?

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Aromatherapy refers to natural healing practices that people believe can combat numerous ailments, such as anxiety, depression, and headaches. There are various aromatherapy techniques that create the need for a variety of aromatherapy supplies. These include household products, carrier oils, and diffusers.

True aromatherapy requires the use of essential oils, such as lavender, sweet orange, and bergamot. Some people buy commercial aromatherapy supplies. These are usually divided into two categories.

There are health and beauty aromatherapy supplies. These include items such as massage lotions, rubs, and bath salts. There are also aromatherapy household products, such as candles and room sprays.

Many people, skeptical of the essential oil content in these items, restrict their purchases to pure essential oils. It is generally not advisable to apply essential oils directly to the skin. Therefore, individuals who buy essential oils for application should also purchase carrier oils or bases, which the essential oils can safely be mixed into before application.

Diffusers are aromatherapy supplies that distribute the scent of oils. Diffusing the scent of essential oils with heat is a common aromatherapy practice. To do this, many people use oil burners. This name can actually be misleading because they are usually designed so as to not burn the oils. To achieve this, there is normally a space where the oil is held a sufficient distance above the candle.


In some instances, such as when a person is in a tent, office, or vehicle, fire may be prohibited or unwise. There are numerous options available in these cases. Electric oil warmers work in a similar manner as oil burners except the heat is generated electrically.

In cases where electricity is not available, there are reed diffusers. These aromatherapy supplies consist of a container where the oil is held and reed sticks extend from it, thereby distributing the scent. There are also clip-on diffusers that can be placed on the vents in an automobile.

Nasal inhalers are aromatherapy supplies that allow a person to conveniently take in a desired scent without waiting for it to diffuse. Much like commercial nasal inhalers, these items are designed for personal use. Generally, removable cotton swabs can be dipped into oils and inserted into the inhaler. When needed, the cap can be removed from the inhaler and it can be placed in or near the nose, exposing a person to the scent of the oil inside.



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