How Do I Choose the Best Organic Bath Products?

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When choosing organic bath products, you should first identify the products that you want and need to use at bath time. Then, do some research on the various types of organic certifications that appear on products in your area. This information is important if you want to choose organic bath products that are truly organic and have been labeled as such by a reputable certifying organization. Consider your preferences as far as fragrances are concerned, and you may also wish to sample bath products prior to buying them so that you can make sure that you like the scent and feel of each product that you buy. Finally, keep in mind that simply because a product has been labeled ÔÇťorganic," it does not necessarily mean that it works particularly well or that it can't irritate your skin. This makes sampling organic bath products very important if you want to find the best products for your needs.


It's a good idea to make a list of the type of organic bath products you wish to buy before going shopping. Making a list can help you ensure that you remember to buy the products that you need and may help prevent you from purchasing unnecessary products on impulse. If you are like many people, you will want to buy some type of body soap or cleanser, as well as shampoo and conditioner. You may also wish to select a body lotion to apply after you get out of the shower as well as some fun bath products such as bubble bath, bath beads or scented oils.

Organic certification comes from many different organizations that inspect organic farms and businesses. Find out which certifications have the strongest reputation for high standards, and look for their certifications on the packaging of any organic bath products that you consider. If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to select personal care products with caution, as they may trigger a reaction on your skin. Look for products that are fragrance free, as these may be less likely to irritate your skin.

When possible, look for products that you can sample before deciding to purchase. Many retailers will put out sample bottles so that you can smell a product and even rub it on your skin so that you can find out whether it triggers any allergies or sensitivities. Essential oils, while they may be organic, can sometimes irritate sensitive skin so be cautious about buying organic bath products that boast the inclusion of these oils. When you make a purchase for the first time, you may wish to select a smaller size just to make sure that you like the product. Once you know that a product works well for you, you can invest in a larger size at a later date.



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