What is Organic Lotion?

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Organic lotion is a beauty product used to hydrate the skin that is made with all-natural ingredients that were grown or cultivated without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The term "organic" has become a hip marketing label in recent years. As such, consumers who want to purchase truly organic products, such as organic lotion, need to beware. Lotion that has a label that says something like "made with organic products" or "made with organic essential oils" is probably not completely organic. In fact, as little as just one or two percent of the entire bottle might be made with organic ingredients.

In the United States, truly organic lotion will have a seal that proves that it is made up of at least 95 percent organic ingredients. The seal is green and white and reads "USDA Organic." This means that the United States Department of Agriculture has certified that the product meets its organic standards. There are numerous kinds of organic lotion that bear this seal. Lotions for the entire body, lotions specifically for the feet, lotion for the face, even lotion intended just for the delicate skin area around the eyes.


Many people choose to use organic lotion over lotion made with synthetic materials because they feel better and safer about using natural products on their bodies. In fact, organic lotion is often a godsend to people who have skin that is easily irritated. Most organic varieties of moisturizer are made with mild, natural ingredients that are inherently hypoallergenic. Instead of spending a fortune on skin creams to deal with rashes and breakouts, a switch to organic lotion can sometimes solve a whole host of skin maladies.

The only drawback to organic lotion is that it is often more expensive than regular lotion and it often does not last as long. It is more expensive because the products require more care and attention and resources to grow and harvest. Also, because they are natural, they begin to break down and go bad before synthetic products.

One of the best things about organic lotion is the scent. Instead of being scented with synthetic fragrances, this kind of lotion relies on aromas of essential oils. There are also organic lotions that are made without an additional scent. This kind of lotion is good for people who are particularly sensitive to scent.



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