What are the Different Types of Natural Asthma Treatment?

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Asthma is a persistent, incurable condition in which a person's airways tend to become inflamed, irritated, and constricted to the point that breathing becomes difficult. Many people experience fits of coughing and wheezing, and are unable to engage in extended periods of exercise and activity. There are several different medical and natural asthma treatment options available to sufferers that can help them prevent future bouts of asthma and relieve an immediate attack. People can benefit from avoiding asthma triggers, eating healthy foods, engaging in regular, light exercise, and taking herbal supplements. A person should consult his or her physician to learn more about natural asthma treatment and determine the best means of relieving his or her symptoms.

The most effective natural asthma treatment involves identifying and avoiding the triggers of asthma symptoms. An individual may experience symptoms when he or she is exposed to allergens, such as pet hair, mold, pollen, and smoke. He or she can try to stay away from such allergens as much as possible by cleaning his or her home regularly and avoiding outside activities during times when airborne pathogens are abundant. Asthma sufferers who experience attacks during cold weather or intense physical activity can limit the time they spend in the cold and take frequent breaks to prevent their airways from becoming inflamed.


Maintaining a proper diet and getting plenty of exercise are important means of preventing and treating asthma naturally. Diets that are high in fatty foods can lead to weight problems and eventual obesity, which typically worsen asthma symptoms. Healthy foods help strengthen muscles, improve immune functioning, and lessen the chances of frequent asthma attacks. Daily exercise also helps to keep the body fit and improve the functioning of the heart and lungs.

Many people find dietary supplements and herbal remedies to be effective forms of natural asthma treatment. Daily doses of vitamin C are thought to improve lung functioning, and magnesium supplements can help keep airways from constricting. Some research studies suggest that ginkgo biloba can lessen the tension in throat muscles, allowing more air to pass freely through the bronchial tubes and into the lungs. In addition, some people are able to find relief by doing yoga, receiving chiropractic services, and undergoing acupuncture treatments.

If natural asthma treatment does not prove successful in preventing or relieving symptoms, doctors can suggest a number of other remedies. Many patients find relief with inhaled or oral bronchodilators, which help relax the muscles in the airways and allow for easier breathing. If a patient's asthma is determined to be caused by allergies, a physician might recommend antihistamines or periodic allergy shots to make the body less susceptible to allergies and resulting asthma attacks.



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