How do I get Asthma Help?

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There are a number of ways to get asthma help, but the first and best way is to begin by getting a diagnosis from a health provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant). It’s important for any person who has asthma to keep regular contact with a doctor or healthcare worker so that progress of the disease, efficacy of medicines and any developing symptoms can be analyzed carefully. Having a partnership with this medical worker is usually the best asthma help available.

This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t avail themselves of asthma help from other sources. Lots of agencies, some run by states or countries and some privately operated, have great resources to share with those seeking asthma help. There are organizations that work specifically with children and their parents and those that work with asthma sufferers of all ages.

In fact, there are so many organizations it may sometimes be difficult to determine which ones are the best. This can be highly dependent. Does it matter, for instance, that the non-profit American Lung Association cites that the sponsor for their asthma program is a leading pharmaceutical agency? To some this would seem to count out the information provided as possibly influenced by a company that profits in part by selling asthma medications. Those who are unsure could match up facts given on the American Lung Association’s website with facts from other agencies.


Several US states have asthma initiative programs, and may provide information to people about the disease in general, while also providing helpful home care tips. Another organization that some in the US may turn to is the Centers for Disease Control, which has lots of writing on their website regarding what to do in terms of treatment, prevention, triggers and emergency asthma attacks. Many country health agencies, including the World Health Organization have wonderful resources easily accessible to anyone with a way to access the Internet.

People who’ve received a diagnosis of asthma for themselves or their children might wonder why it’s necessary to get all this information. Actually it can be vital because personal knowledge can help augment the care a person receives from a medical provider. People can learn how to create an asthma plan (steps that are put into place at home/school/work if an attack occurs) with their doctors if this isn’t already suggested, and they can learn about the many ways in which asthma might be treated or when to discuss inadequate treatment with doctors. Moreover, a little learning can help people determine the severity of an attack, which can be very important in getting the proper care at the right time. With additional reputable asthma help, many people feel much more secure because they know what to do in case of emergencies.

Perhaps the best asthma help is a combination of several things. These include working with medical workers, using informative resources, and developing maps and plans of how to handle an asthma emergency. It should be stated that there are so many people with this condition who live well and happily. By taking advantage of help available, many others find ways to make an asthma diagnosis a minimal factor in their lives.



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