How do I get Asthma Support?

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The best ways to get asthma support involve enlisting the help of family members and friends with whom you spend time on a regular basis. These people should become educated about asthma so that they better understand what it is and how it affects you. They should also be informed on what to do in case of an emergency, what medications you are taking, and when to call for medical assistance.

Many asthma patients are misunderstood by their peers, due to incorrect information about this condition. Some assume that those who suffer from asthma cannot lead an active life. In order to find asthma support in those around you, you must first explain to them exactly what your condition means. This can include both medical information as well as what it means to you individually. If you choose not to let asthma slow you down in your professional and social life, then you should explain this and ask that friends and family members not treat you any differently than any other person. In most cases, those with asthma can lead active and fulfilling lives with the proper treatment plan.


Even with this mentality, you should also let anyone who can be asthma support know what to do in case of an asthma-related emergency. If you use medications like inhalers in these situations, let them know where you keep it in case you don’t have access to it at the time of an attack. Children definitely need to have a group of people aside from parents who know what steps to take in the event of an emergency. These people can include friends, teachers, and babysitters.

You may also choose to get asthma support through a support group. Find groups in your area by speaking with people at your hospital or local mental health organizations. If there is not a group nearby, you can start your own by posting your intentions at doctor’s offices, clinics, and online. This will give you and others a safe place to express your worries and fears regarding your condition, as well as triumphs and improvements you have made in the course of treatment.

Continued education through books, doctors, and educators can also provide additional asthma support. By learning more about your condition and emerging treatment options, you will not feel powerless against your symptoms. Develop goals for yourself in terms of managing asthma symptoms, and then follow through. This will give you more freedom to enjoy life and less time worrying about how asthma may hinder your plans.



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