What are the Different Asthma Remedies?

Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes lungs to become inflamed and can affect breathing. Symptoms can be triggered by illness, allergies, environmental conditions such as temperature, and even stress. Because asthma attacks can prevent adequate amounts of oxygen from reaching the lungs, the condition can result in serious or even fatal complications. Although nothing can cure asthma, there are many forms of medication that can control the disorder, as well as some folk remedies that some believe can treat the symptoms.

For people with the respiratory disorder, one category of asthma remedies includes preventative measures. If diagnosed with asthma, it is important to learn what triggers the symptoms and how these triggers may be avoided. Some experts recommend that asthmatics be tested for specific allergies to help identify what substances may trigger attacks. Many asthmatics suffer from symptom-inducing allergies to pets, dust, mold, or plants. Vigilant cleaning and avoidance of trigger-inducing allergens is an important portion of asthma remedies.

Since asthma has been around for much longer than modern medicine, many home asthma remedies have been developed to treat the disorder. It is important to understand that home remedies are rarely a substitute for proper medical treatment. Asthma is a serious condition that often requires management through medication and careful medical attention.


Caffeine or coffee are often cited as excellent home asthma remedies. Caffeine naturally works to relax bronchial muscles, allowing airways to open and lung capacity to increase. Until the development of asthma medication in the 20th century, black coffee was a common remedy for asthma throughout the world. Proponents suggest that it can quickly work to stop an ongoing asthma attack, but experts warn that caffeine is not a substitute for proper medical treatment.

Foods that contain capsicum, the natural chemical that makes peppers hot, are also used as asthma remedies. Hot peppers are a commonly used remedy, both for their anti-inflammatory qualities and for the mucus-thinning properties of capsicum. Onions are also touted as a natural anti-inflammatory substance, though most proponents recommend eating onions cooked rather than raw for best results.

In the 20th century, medical advances allowed the development of dozens of fast-acting drugs meant to reduce asthma symptoms and prevent inflammation. Most medical asthma remedies work in one of two ways: by relaxing airways to allow air to pass through more easily, or by using anti-inflammatory substances to thin out mucus and increase lung capacity. Depending on the severity of the condition and possible patient allergies, healthcare providers may prescribe one or several medications for asthmatic patients. Although the disorder cannot be fully cured, most medical asthma remedies allow easy self-management of the condition and may provide patients with peace of mind regarding the disorder.



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