What are the Different Types of Anti-Cellulite Treatment?

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The main types of anti-cellulite treatment include the application of topical solutions either in the forms of creams or as part of a body wrap treatment, massage therapy, and various surgical procedures. Although it is technically not considered to be an anti-cellulite treatment, one of the best ways to reduce cellulite is to lose weight by following a healthy and safe diet and exercise regimen. Losing weight means reducing the amount of fat on the body. As cellulite is caused, in part, by fat, losing weight can help to reduce cellulite. There are some cases, however, where people who are in good shape still cannot seem to get rid of cellulite in certain areas.

Someone experiencing this situation may decide to opt for an anti-cellulite treatment. The two kinds of anti-cellulite treatments that are available at most spas are massages and body wraps. Massage helps to stimulate the skin and the fat that has collected under the skin. This action can help to break up the fat that has been stored under the skin, which, in turn, can reduce the appearance of cellulite. While most kinds of massages can help to reduce cellulite, there are certain kinds of massages that focus on the reduction of cellulite.


A body wrap is a kind of anti-cellulite treatment in which the body is covered in a product that may resemble an herbal face mask. This product includes ingredients that are believed to help stimulate the skin and help to flush out cellulite. Once the body has been covered in this product, the person receiving the treatment is wrapped in a plastic sheet. One may also be covered by a blanket or towel for warmth. The person receiving the anti-cellulite treatment usually remains wrapped up for 30 minutes to two hours before the sheet is removed and the product is rinsed away from the skin.

The most invasive and the most expensive kinds of anti-cellulite treatments are surgical. There are a few kinds of surgical treatments for cellulite, some of which involve injections, and others that involve cutting tissue under the skin. Some less invasive procedures involve machines that use technology such as radio frequency to smooth out the skin without using injections or incisions. These sorts of procedures often require a number of applications and may also require regular applications after the initial set in order to maintain smoothness in areas that are commonly affected by cellulite.



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