How do I Prevent Cellulite?

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There are many methods designed to prevent cellulite, but the effectiveness of these methods is often questionable or untested. The most recommended techniques include exercising and keeping body fat levels at a reasonable level through proper dieting. The basic idea of keeping body fat low and muscle mass high as a remedy for cellulite is generally more accepted in the medical community than many other approaches. Some other techniques people use to prevent cellulite include application of special creams, massage therapy, laser therapy, and the use of certain supplements.

According to experts, cellulite is simply one way that fat can be distributed on a person’s body. Cellulite is relatively common, and it can appear in both sexes, although women have more cellulite than men for a variety of reasons. Cellulite generally poses no health risk on its own, but many people try to get rid of it for cosmetic purposes. This can be very difficult because even when people lose body fat, there is no real way to control the exact areas of the body that decrease in size, and sometimes cellulite can linger.


Even though it is no guarantee, most experts do recommend dieting and exercising as one of the better ways to prevent cellulite. Some people may exercise aggressively and spend years dieting without getting rid of their cellulite, but it is usually possible to at least decrease cellulite. This is especially true if the individual also has a weight problem that may be adding to the severity of cellulite distribution.

Another method that has been generally proven to have some effect on cellulite reduction is massage therapy. Most of these methods use machines to knead the skin in the area where cellulite problems appear. One possible downside to these methods is that they often require several treatments to get any results, and they can be relatively expensive. Another issue is that these techniques don’t generally have permanent effects, and the cellulite will return eventually if the treatments aren’t maintained. Laser light therapy methods are very similar in that they also have the potential to reduce cellulite, but they also require repeated treatments.

There are many commercial products on the market that claim to prevent cellulite. Many of these include various creams that are rubbed into the skin. Some products have shown minor effects during clinical trials, but in many cases, the reduction in cellulite may be too small to be very noticeable.



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