What are the Different Methods of Cellulite Reduction?

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There are several different cellulite reduction methods, but only a handful have proven clinical results. Intensive massage therapy and laser therapy probably achieve the best and most long-lasting results. In addition, some cellulite creams that use caffeine to help break up fat cells and stimulate skin circulation also seem to be effective. Studies seem to indicate that diets that are heavy in fatty acids and antioxidants may also help with cellulite reduction.

There are dozens of skin care treatments on the market that claim to eliminate or reduce cellulite, however, according to dermatologists, most of these topical ointments are a complete waste of money. Most of the time, they do not help at all, and if they do, the results are minimal and temporary. The good news for people who suffer from cellulite is that there are some treatments, including some creams, which may actually have a significant impact on cellulite reduction.


Studies show that creams that contain methylxanthines may actually help smooth out cellulite. Methylxanthines are chemical stimulants that are typically used to treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. Caffeine is also considered a type of methylxanthine, and is often a key ingredient in creams that help with cellulite reduction. According to studies conducted by dermatologists, most people who used methylxanthine ointments saw visible results within a couple of months. These treatments seem to work by stimulating blood flow and removing fluid between fat cells, both of which can sometimes result in smoother skin.

Two types of light therapy for cellulite reduction generally show very good results. Both methods aim to reduce cellulite by liquefying fat cells and encouraging lymph vessels to drain. One method uses laser light, while the other uses infrared light combined with sound frequencies. Laser light treatments can be administered without a physician, and are offered by many health spas and skin treatment centers. Infrared treatments can only be administered by physicians.

Cellulite is considered a genetic condition, and has little to do with actual body fat. Cellulite can affect people who are otherwise very thin, and is much more common in women than in men. If a woman has cellulite, it is almost certain that her mother had cellulite as well. Research seems to show that even if a person is predisposed to have the condition, eating certain types of food may help. Diets that focus on foods such as peanut butter, raw citrus fruits and raw berries may raise antioxidant levels, which is believed to help keep cellulite well below the surface of the skin.



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