What are the Different Training Consultant Jobs?

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Training consultant jobs are found in a wide range of industries, but are typically focused on software implementation and equipment purchasing engagements. A training consultant is usually hired to work on one of two types of engagements: training the trainer or training the client's staff directly. A consultant works for a services firm, which is typically hired by the company to manage a project, implement new software, or install new equipment.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in training consultant jobs are naturally outgoing, are skilled teachers, and have excellent presentation skills. The ability to pass on complex information to a wide range of people is very important to the success of any project. Staff must be able to absorb the information and apply it after the consultants leave. Success in training consultant jobs requires dedication, focus, and a clear understanding of what the client needs.

Training the trainer is a specific methodology of training often used to pass information on to the client's support staff. This is the most common of all the different training consultant jobs. Most clients want to retain the knowledge internally, as this will improve the business process. Training is provided directly to the support staff who will be responsible for training the client's staff on a continuing basis. This type of training is very intense, typically requiring three to five weeks of dedicated training.


Training the client's staff directly is an approach more commonly used with fixed equipment. The assumption is that the written documentation provided is sufficient for staff unable to attend the initial training. It is in the client's best interest to review the reference material in detail to ensure staff will be able to repair and operate the equipment when the consultants leave.

Another common job for training consultants is the evaluation and coaching of development staff. In many large companies, there is a department dedicated to providing staff with training on a range of computer software products, specialized equipment, and other job related skills. Some firms hire training consultants to review the current methods used by the existing staff. The consultants can then provide focused coaching to the staff development instructors, so that the lessons are more effective.

On occasion, training consultants are required to provide written lesson plans, course outlines, and reference materials. While this type of work is not typically considered part of a training consultant's job, the skills required to complete these tasks are very similar. Written reference guides and lesson plans can often be tailored to match the teaching style of the client's instructors or the work environment.



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