What Are the Different Types of Business Consultant Jobs?

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Ever since the rise of technology and globalization in the private sector, business consultant jobs have become an important link in helping companies adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. Many companies turn to consultants to get technical expertise or independent expert evaluation of their current business practices. Other companies use consultants as a means of outsourcing certain positions and saving on labor costs. Consultants also may be brought in to perform short-term tasks such as training employees, downsizing departments or helping develop business strategies. Some consultants operate independently, while others work for consulting firms that specialize in providing support for corporate clients.

Most business consultant jobs require experience and expertise in at least one area of business operation. Some consultants may have worked for decades in their respective fields, while others may have received advanced education or training. Traditional consulting careers typically involve sales, marketing and human resources. More specialized consultants operate in the fields of information technology, globalization and virtual management. Both large and small organizations make use of technical business consultants when updating computer systems, improving electronic security and transitioning employees to flex time or work-at-home jobs.


Companies often bring in consultants to advise them in areas where they feel they have a lack of knowledge or to help them deal with temporary issues, such as tax audits or legal problems. Communication specialists known as process consultants are hired to facilitate meetings, improve collaboration and resolve or manage conflicts within a department. Business coaching is a collection of business consultant jobs in which outside experts are brought in to motivate employees and increase job satisfaction. Short-term consultants also help companies deal with stressful periods, such as bankruptcies or mergers and acquisitions.

Business analytics and management strategy are higher-level business consultant jobs. These jobs require analyzing corporate data and observing business practices to draw conclusions and make fact-based recommendations to the client. Management consultants prepare business proposals and give presentations to senior management within the company. Several consulting firms specialize in providing these types of services for clients around the world. While these consultants may be costly, they can help corporations significantly improve operations in the long run.

Some companies have begun to hire people for internal business consultant jobs. These internal specialists operate in a similar fashion to traditional consultants by helping to improve different departments and locations throughout an organization. While the use of internal consultants can keep costs down and help preserve sensitive information, internal consultants are not as likely to bring a unique, outsider perspective to the corporation.



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