What are the Different Supervisor Jobs?

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A supervisor’s job is to oversee his or her employees and make sure the employees are performing their job satisfactorily. Supervisors are usually mid-level management positions and report to a general manager. The majority of all companies have supervisors and they work in all different types of work environments ranging from construction sites to warehouses.

One of the common supervisor jobs is a customer service supervisor who monitors how the employees are treating customers and the quality of work the employee is performing for the customer. If disputes arise that the staff are unable to resolve, the supervisor may step in and try to smooth over any discrepancies between the customer and the employee. The supervisor works to ensure that all transactions and correspondence between the customer, the staff and the company go according to schedule without any disruption.

A construction supervisor is another one of the supervisor jobs for individuals interested in a supervisor position. This type of supervisor oversees the construction crew and checks to make sure the site meets certain safety guidelines and construction codes. The construction supervisor reports to the construction manager as well as handling salary and time card issues. Other tasks include following up with employees who get hurt on the construction site and making sure the crew is not working in dangerous conditions.


One of the supervisor jobs that requires math and accounting experience is a tax supervisor. A tax supervisor supervises the tax clerks and oversees preparation of tax statements and claim audits. The supervisor would also follow up on income tax filings, corporate withholdings and tax disputes. Tax supervisors usually work for corporations, county and state agencies or for federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service.

Insurance companies often have insurance supervisors as part of their supervisor jobs. These professionals investigate insurance claims and check fraud allegations among other things. The insurance supervisors also assist the claims department with property and body injury claims as well as personal property claims. Adjusters and insurance supervisors work closely together to evaluate claims, determine liability and authorize settlement funds.

Individuals interested in supervisor jobs should have supervisor experience, and most companies require that a person in this position have some college education. The qualities a person should have for this career include an ability to manage other people, make quick decisions with sometimes very little information and be able to get along with staff and management.



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