How Do I Become a Construction Supervisor?

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To become a construction supervisor, also known as a construction foreman, you will need a high school diploma, some specific training and a few years of experience in the field of construction. Many supervisors have only a high school diploma and work their way up through the trade. Some employers, however, may want to hire those with some college training. Supervising crews of workers requires some effective management skills, a working knowledge of construction processes, and several years experience in the construction industry. The prior experience allows construction supervisors to develop the ability to schedule and estimate costs on specific building projects.

Management skills are a critical for anyone who wants to become a construction supervisor, Since many forms, a large amount of paperwork, and other administrative tasks are required at a construction site, a construction supervisor may work in an office, sometimes located at the construction site in a temporary building or trailer. Some construction supervisors work alongside their crews and are referred to as working construction supervisors. Other key management skills that may be required for this position include preparing reports on personnel, understanding regulatory code issues, estimating costs, actual costs, and safety issues for upper management or outside suppliers and contractors.


Many people who desire to become a construction supervisor are good at what they do and possess a wide variety of knowledge and skills that come from several years of construction experience. To become a construction supervisor, you need the ability to read and understand blueprints, design schematics, and technical diagrams. The supervisor may also know the best, most cost effective way to properly handle the many different tasks that are necessary to successfully complete a construction project. These tasks include the ability to work alongside or supervise skilled craftsmen and unskilled laborers and how to operate various types of construction equipment or specialized tools.

If you want to become a construction supervisor, you need to be an expert in one particular craft or trade. You must have developed the ability to schedule the many detailed tasks of a construction project and know a great deal about estimating costs. Knowing the capabilities of a work crew, the time allowed for completion, and the constraints of a budget all allow a construction supervisor to bring a building or construction project to successful completion. Superintendents and upper level management rely on construction supervisors to be familiar with various trades and tradespeople in order to maintain the high standards necessary for the completion of construction projects.



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