How Do I Become a Service Supervisor?

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To become a service supervisor, it is critical to determine which field you would like to work in. For example, individuals who would like to work as field service supervisors in an engineering context need first to earn degrees in engineering so they can learn about industry equipment and important engineering principles. In other cases, however, a person who would like to become a service supervisor might not need advanced education. Instead, he or she might benefit more from years of experience within a certain field. In most cases, a service supervisor in any field should have exceptional interpersonal skills and should be a dedicated worker whom managers can count on to uphold company standards.

A common task among all service supervisors is to ensure that workers follow guidelines. For this reason, a person who would like to become a service supervisor should have a strong understanding of the company and industry in which he or she works. A service supervisor in the food industry, for example, should already understand safety regulations regarding food preparation and service. To become a service supervisor in a particular company, you can benefit from beginning at an entry level position and working your way up. Many employers appreciate ambitious employees and find that it is more cost effective to hire supervisors from inside a company.


Some people find themselves in positions where there is not room for growth or they can find that certain companies are not good matches for them. When this is the case, you should begin seeking a service supervisor position by distributing your resume. This is a one page document on which you illustrate your relevant experience and education. For instance, if you would like to become a well service supervisor, you might highlight your experience in the oil and gas industry by listing it toward the top.

While experience in a particular industry is important for a person who would like to become a service supervisor, leadership experience might be almost as valuable. When you compose your resume, think of instances when you were able to train employees or when you actively upheld company guidelines or standards. In a field such as well service, safety is a large concern. Brainstorm for experiences when you might have made your colleagues and environment safer.

Employers who believe that your resume illustrates qualities in which they are interested might call you in for interviews. At an interview, it is important that you dress the part of a leader. Show your interviewers that you can command attention and that you are a serious professional.



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