What are the Different Project Manager Jobs?

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In the past ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of project manager jobs available. The primary goal of a project manager is to provide expertise and guidance to ensure projects are completed on time and within the budget. The recognition of project management as a distinct skill has grown slowly, and is closely tied to the increase in information technology usage. This skill set has applications in a wide range of industries, ranging from engineering to information technology. However, project manager jobs can actually be divided into three different types: consultancy, teaching, and working for a project management services firm.

As a project manager, the primary service provided is related to actual management of a project. The type of project available is dependent upon the training and experience of the manager. It is not uncommon for experienced managers to open their own consulting practice. Relying on their reputation, experience, and knowledge, these project manager jobs combine the freedom of self-employment with the responsibilities of a full-time staff member.


These project manager jobs are most commonly held by candidates who have completed a long and illustrious career in their field. Responsible for managing many high-profile projects, they have the experience and expertise required to run a project efficiently and effectively. The added bonus for most companies is the consultant’s lack of connection to the firm in the long run. They can assemble teams, change responsibilities, and do not need to maintain long-term relationships with their colleagues. Instead, they are free to do whatever is required to get the project done.

Teaching is an excellent career option for a project manager. This role typically requires additional training in adult education, but can be very rewarding. In addition to formal courses in project management, they can offer short classes focused on just the needs of a specific company. This can include training on project management principles to the recently promoted project managers, or even acting as an adviser as needed.

Project management services firms are usually large companies that have specialized in a particular sector. They are responsible for locating clients, managing the billing and customer services aspect of consulting. In exchange, the project manager is free to focus on the requirements of the client and the assignment. Many project managers find this type of business partnership is the best way to manage their needs, while maintaining their independence.



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