How do I Choose the Best Project Manager Class?

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A project manager is someone who is responsible for coordinating the services of multiple resources to complete a specific task. These roles are commonly found in the information technology, construction and manufacturing industries. The best project manager class is at the appropriate level, uses an effective teaching style, includes case studies and encourages class participation.

People who are interested in taking a project management class typically are either working as project managers or are aspiring to become project managers. There are two levels of project manager classes: those required for a professional certification and those taken as part of a graduate degree or bachelor's degree. In order to find a project manager class in the local area, look at the annual course syllabus provided by colleges and universities each year.

The first thing to look at when trying to find the best project management class is the course description. Review the course outline to learn about the topics and concepts that will be covered. Many course descriptions include a small section about prerequisites. Take the time to ensure that this information has been covered through either prior formal education or self-training. Registering for a course without the prerequisites likely will be a waste of time and effort because the subject matter will be difficult to follow.


The topics covered in a project manager class can be quite complex and can be quite difficult to teach effectively. Think about the ideal instructional method based on your personal learning style, and talk to the instructor about his or her teaching methodology. For example, a course of project management terminology and planning can be quite factual and dry. Audio learners might prefer an instructor who teaches via lectures rather than an instructor who covers the same material with charts and other visual learning aides.

The purpose of a project manager class is to learn from others' mistakes and find the best possible methodology for completing complex projects. Case studies are written to provide real-life examples of lessons learned and the effort involved in completing a complex project. Most case studies are easy to read and are a great way to teach essential lessons with minimal resistance.

The best project manager class has a significant level of student participation. Discussing the concepts and relating them to real issues and challenges is the best way to learn project management. Most instructors build group projects into the lesson plan as a way to help people make new connections and share experiences.



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