How do I get a Project Management Degree?

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A project management degree certifies the completion of a course of study that provides the necessary skills for aspiring project managers in public and private institutions. Since project managers hold a respected position in the corporate world, earning the proper education from a college or university is an advantage. The course of study leading to a project management degree educates students in managing various types of projects. It requires a great deal of reliability, knowledge, dedication, and responsibility. This degree is good for those who want to develop projects by formulating ideas and solving problems.

Generally, a student should have at least finished secondary education before he is allowed to begin work on a project management degree. There are different kinds of education that are available in many universities and colleges. The most basic is the Bachelor of Arts/Science in Project Management, a four year course that tackles the different areas of project management as well as other related subjects. There are also business degrees that specialize in project management. Some examples are the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Project Management (BBA) and Master of Business Administration in Project Management (MBA).

A degree in project management provides knowledge on being an efficient manager. It may also give hands-on training that can equip a student with the skills he will need in his future career. Subjects may include time management, risk management, effective communication, and team management.


When selecting a school for a project management degree, a student should make sure that it has the proper accreditation from the education authorities. A degree earned from an unaccredited school may not be accepted by companies that the student will work for in the future. Colleges and universities should meet certain standards before they are permitted to offer any bachelor’s degree.

The advent of the Internet has made way for online education. Today, aspiring project managers can also earn a project management degree online. Online courses can provide in-depth training just as much as "real" universities do. This type of learning eliminates the need to travel to school everyday, which is especially useful for people with day jobs or those who are not comfortable with the conventional classroom environment.

A project management degree can prepare students for a career in information technology, finance, marketing, and human resources, among many others. The most common duties of a project manager are to schedule, manage, implement and deliver timely projects. The degree can provide in-depth practical applications, such as supervising projects and implementing processes.



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