How do I get a Project Management Certificate?

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A project management certificate can be gained by enrolling in a project management course. In almost every case, candidates for project management programs have had some type of on-the-job training prior to enrolling in any certificate program. In fact, prior to applying for a project management certificate, candidates must go through three basic steps.

Project management education requirements fluctuate from country to country, though most candidates must obtain a formal university education before gaining a project management certificate. Frequently, those people who have studied engineering are ideal candidates for certification. Once a university degree has been successfully completed, on-the-job experience must be acquired.

There are lots of ways to learn about project management. Books, seminars, and university programs can all prepare individuals for the position of project manager. Various companies that hire project managers will also provide any person with adequate training, though new employees cannot expect to be promoted to project manager right away.

Following two to three years spent working within a construction, agricultural, or software company, those seeking to gain certification can then do so. Within the United States, the Project Management Institute offers numerous courses including a Project Management Professional degree, an Associate Degree in Project Management, a Master in Project Management, and various others.


Within Canada, the Canadian Construction Association offers a degree in project management. The UK Office of Government Commerce offers a Project In Controlled Environments (PRINCE) certification, and the Australian Institute of Project Management offers a Registered Project Management Certification. Likewise, various other countries offer similar programs.

Any person can send in an application for a project management certificate, as long as school requirements are met. On occasion, an individual's work experience may compensate for lack of a formal university degree. The best way to gain information about each program is to visit a school's website, take a look at the "Questions and Answers" portion of a site, and contact a school directly with any additional questions.

Aside from the necessary schooling required to obtain a project management certificate, all prospective project managers must be able to communicate effectively, handle many tasks at once, and show great leadership skills. Project managers are responsible for leading projects, overseeing all project details, and handling all finances associated with a project.

In short, this position is one that requires a great number of skills. While a career in project management can be lucrative, these jobs are often highly competitive. Those with the best chance of obtaining an in-demand position will have completed a project management certificate in addition to many hours spent working within the field.



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