How do I Choose the Best Management Certificate Program?

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People who want to advance their career often are encouraged to complete a management certificate program. There is a range of programs available from universities, colleges, and online schools. Selecting the best management certificate program typically requires information on the subjects covered, instructor qualifications, recognition factor, and your career goals. The best management certificate program usually is one that is challenging but achievable, and provides the training necessary to advance into a management position.

The primary motivation for completing a management certificate program usually is to meet the academic requirements of your current or future employer. Many firms demand that candidates have formal training in management as a discipline to be considered for these types of positions. In the past, supervisory or subject-matter expertise would be enough to qualify for a management role. However, the business climate has shifted toward academic qualifications as a way to ensure a successful hire into a management role.

Many industries have developed management certification programs that are focused on the unique requirements of that industry. For example, the information technology (IT) industry often turns to the Project Management ProfessionalĀ® (PMPĀ®) certification as the industry standard for managerial positions. Accountants, lawyers, and other professions often have their own standard programs designed to provide the training considered necessary in their industry. Take a look at these programs first before selecting a more generic management certificate program.


Read the program description with care and review the different courses offered. Think about your previous training and identify areas of strength and weakness in your own profile. Talk with staff at the school to determine if prior credit can be granted for courses you already have completed, and the process surrounding this type of request. Select a program that provides opportunities for growth and learning.

Instructors typically provide a short biography, outlining their academic credentials and work experience at the beginning of the course. Make sure that the instructor has the qualifications necessary to effectively teach the course material. Avoid programs where the instructor is unwilling to reveal his or her training or area of expertise.

Think about your personal career goals in terms of a five- and ten-year plan. Look at the program outline and identify how this program fits with those goals. It is important to note that a management certificate program may take several months to complete, as the courses are completed part-time. Make sure that the program you select will help you achieve your career goals.



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