How do I Choose the Best Project Manager Program?

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The best project manager program is one that provides the training required to become an effective, efficient project manager. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and the selection of the best option should be based on personal learning style, time commitment, and financial costs. A project manager can find employment opportunities in a wide range of industries, from information technology to geotechnical engineering. The primary purpose of a project manager program is to provide a very specific set of skills that can be used across multiple disciplines.

In order to qualify for admission to a project manager program, you must have graduated from high school. The vast majority of programs require post-secondary education, either an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or a four-year college diploma. Project manager is not a specific degree program. Although some programs admit students without prior post-secondary education, these candidates must have significant work experience to qualify. The work load is very heavy, and people without the necessary research and study skills may struggle.

There are several different personal learning styles, ranging from visual and independent to auditory and group focused. Learning styles are developed in elementary school and are based on a combination of study techniques, personality, and culture. For example, the number of group-focused learners has increased at a similar rate to the shift in educational theory away from rote learning to group-based, interactive learning.


Deciding which learning style you have is fairly easy to do. Simply think back to the last formal training program you were successful in. Think about the structure of the course, assignments, and teaching style. Although there are slight shifts in style as we age and have broader experiences, our core strength remains consistent throughout our lives.

The time commitment required by the project manager program varies widely. There are crash courses, compressed, intense programs as well as multi-year programs. Think about your current schedule and determine the amount of time you have available to attend classes, complete homework, and review course material. On average, each course will require 10 to 15 hours dedicated effort each and every week. Look at your schedule for the year to determine which option works best for you.

The cost of most project manager programs range from $600 to $900 US Dollars (USD) per course. Talk with your employer to determine if it has a tuition waiver or rebate program available to staff. Many employers will pay a portion of the course costs upon successful completion of a career-related training program. Keep in mind that these costs are typically reported as a taxable benefit at the end of the year.



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