How do I Become a Regional Service Manager?

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The process to become a regional service manager varies by industry. In the technical services industry, the regional manager is responsible for providing services to clients within a specific geographical region. The information technology sector often subdivides the geographical region by product type, as does the consumer-based service firms. Regardless of industry, a regional service manager is expected to have a combination of education and experience to qualify for this role.

It is very common for a technical services firm to require candidates who want to become a regional service manager to have either a diploma or degree in engineering. Clients expect the service manager to be technically skilled and able to discuss the product at a detailed level. Service to this type of equipment is either part of an annual maintenance contract or as needed. The cost of service is closely related to the complexity of the machine, making it essential for the service manager to be well versed in the technology.


In the information technology sector, the service manager's role is more administrative, coordinating the actions of a team of technical staff. While clients expect a high level of understanding of the product and issues, the level of complexity is perceived to be higher than for a mechanical system. Coordination of service call follows up and billing is an important part of this job. During a sales presentation for large systems, it is not uncommon for the service manager to participate, providing assurance to the prospect of the support after purchase.

A post-secondary education is usually required to become a regional service manager, but candidates with extensive experience who are able to function at the required level can also be accepted. Many service managers are promoted from within the service department, based on prior performance, skill, and a solid understanding of the company and its products.

Related work experience that is helpful when looking to become a regional service manager includes service technician, after sales support, and supervision. Interpersonal skills become more important than technical skills at this level, which may require a shift in expectations. Team management, supervision, and staff issues are an essential part of this job. A short certificate or program in management or supervision may provide some support during the transition into this role.

A regional service manager position is considered middle management within an organizational structure. Promotion to this level of responsibility usually occurs after at least 10 years' working experience. Compensation at this level is higher than other positions, but this is in keeping with a greater performance expectation and longer hours.



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