How do I Choose the Best Regional Sales Manager Jobs?

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The best regional sales manager jobs have a combination of challenge, compensation, and advancement opportunities. A regional sales manager is typically employed by a large company and is assigned a specific geographic territory. As a manager, he or she is responsible for sales representatives and support staff. The primary purpose of this position is to manage the sales staff and increase company revenue through increased sales.

The education required to qualify for regional sales manager jobs varies greatly, depending on the industry and the employer. For example, employers may require all regional sales manager jobs in the large equipment manufacturing industry to have an undergraduate degree in engineering. This education is relevant due to the technical nature of the product. Clients expect the sales manager to have a certain understanding of their requirements and the unique challenges of their industry.

There are two primary sources of challenges built into all regional sales manager jobs: staff and clients. The staff reporting to the regional sales manager is primarily focused on generating new sales. Interviewing, hiring, training, supporting, and managing this team comprises approximately 60 percent of the regional sales manager's job. There is a high rate of turnover in sales representative positions. Many people find the pressure to perform creates performance anxiety. In addition, the vast majority of sales staff are paid a minimal base salary, with the majority of their compensation tied to commission or other incentive-based payment methods.


Challenges from clients may include requests for custom products, troubleshooting, managing conflict, and resolving issues. Expectation management is an important part of a sales manager’s job. In many industries, the sales representative may overstate the features of the product during the sales process. Issues with performance and problems are often addressed to the sales manager to resolve.

The compensation model is very important when looking for the best regional sales manager job. Base salary is standard, along with a percentage of sales or bonus compensation package. This portion of the salary is incentive-based and designed to motivate the sales manager to push his or her staff to perform. Look for a position with a fairly high salary and generous incentive-based compensation package.

The number of advancement opportunities available is based on the size of the company and its overall position in the market. For example, a medium-size firm who conducts business primarily on the West Coast of the United States will have a flatter organizational structure than a firm operating internationally. The larger the firm, the greater the opportunities. Keep in mind that these positions are very performance-based. Regional sales managers who consistently meet or exceed sales targets are often identified as promotion candidates.



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