How do I Become an IT Sales Manager?

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Many people who work in sales want to become an information technology (IT) sales manager. The IT industry offers a range of different sales opportunities, both direct to consumers and business-to-business. Skills required to become an IT sales manager primarily are interpersonal and communications. Potential employers range from software to information technology solution firms.

The first step to become an IT sales manager is to obtain a post-secondary education. This training can be either at the college or university level, and does not have to be in information technology. The primary purpose of this requirement is to ensure that candidates have a high level of written communication and research skills. Many people who work in this position have completed a degree in the humanities or social sciences.

Related work experience typically includes a position as a sales representative, customer-support agent, or help-desk technician. Ideally, these positions are within an information technology services firm, but they also can be within the information technology department of any other type of organization. The skills and experiences learned in these entry- and mid-level positions include dealing with customers and working with a range of different people.


In order to become an IT sales manager, candidates must first be successful in a sales position. Depending on the organization, this can be as an inside-sales representative or front-line customer service. Success in these positions usually is measured in term of actual sales completed and revenue generated. The most effective way to become an IT sales manager is to be very successful as an IT sales representative.

Success in this role usually is based on two factors: the ability to consistently achieve sales that exceed the quota and managing a staff of sales representatives. The first requirement usually is fairly easy for the candidate to achieve, as it builds on previous experience. Many people, however, find the transition to managing and motivating other people to be quite challenging. The most effective way to develop the skills necessary is to complete a course or training program in supervising or managing a sales team.

Once you become an IT sales manager, there usually is an increased profile and performance expectation. The compensation package at this level typically is a combination of base salary and commission. In addition, many firms provide an incentive for high-performing sales teams. Talking to your human resources department about the options available to you can be a move in the right direction.



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