How do I Become an IT Systems Manager?

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Many people who work in information technology (IT) want to become an IT systems manager. This role also is known as application system manager or business systems manager. He or she usually is responsible for the daily operations, upgrades, and maintenance of computer software. This position is one of responsibility, and typically requires a combination of technical and managerial skills.

People who are technically skilled, enjoy problem solving, and work well under pressure will find the most satisfaction in this role. In order to become an IT systems manager, you must have a specific combination of formal education and work experience. This is a decision-making role and the impact of these decisions will be felt throughout the organization.

Formal education required to become an IT systems manager usually includes successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or a diploma in information technology, computer science, or programming. These programs are available from a wide range of community colleges and universities. In large organizations, there typically is a preference for candidates with a graduate level of education. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) or a graduate degree in computer science or development usually is an added bonus.


Employers typically are looking for candidates who have a combination of technical expertise and management skills. Related work experience as a business or systems analyst, programmer, developer, or similar role can be necessary. Working as a consultant on the implementation of large software programs is a great way to enhance your resume if you want to become an IT systems manager.

Manager experience typically requires at least three years of supervising staff at various levels. This often includes technical and business staff. Hiring, disciplining, mentoring, and terminating staff are all critical skills in this role. If your firm is not large enough to provide these experiences, look to volunteer as a manager or supervisor. This can be a great way to quickly gain the necessary experience.

It is important to note that both men and woman can become an IT systems manager. These positions typically are found in large organizations, and there has been a huge reduction in gender discrimination within the information technology sector. Candidates must obtain the necessary qualifications and be prepared to perform the tasks of the job. These positions are well-compensated, and often provide opportunities for travel, further education, and an increased profile within the firm. Be prepared to work hard and continually upgrade your skills to be successful in this role.



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