How do I Become a Business IT Manager?

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There are many different ways to become a business IT manager. In this role, the manager is expected to understand the business culture and issues, as well as the options and tools available through information technology (IT). Many people who work in a general administrative role in business want to transition into an information technology related position. This type of role provides the opportunity to learn about new technology and help improve the efficiency of the business.

People who are technologically savvy, detail-focused, and enjoy exploring new things are most likely to become a business IT manager. Some post-secondary education is required for this role. Most people start on the business side and have a degree or diploma in business administration, management, accounting, or a related function.

Increasingly, employers expect people who want to become a business IT manager to have completed additional training in information technology. This may include a certificate in information systems, a post-graduate diploma in information technology, or an actual information technology degree or diploma. This field is increasingly complex, and the more information the candidate has, the better qualified he or she will be to deal with the range of issues and challenges unique to information technology.


A business IT manager is responsible for a broad range of tools and systems, and must be able to work collaboratively with a large group of people. Candidates must be able to combine business information with information technology (IT) skills. There are two types of experience required to become a business IT manager: business processes and information technology support. Business process experience can be gained through positions within the firm in an administrative role or through a management position. Information technology support experience can be obtained through small projects implementing software programs, assisting with information technology related projects, or participating in technology evaluation and review.

Management experience can be obtained through working experience or through volunteering. Most people transition into a business IT manager position after five to 10 years of working experience. It is easier to move into this position if your responsibilities included management of a department that was impacted by an information technology project. A range of related experiences is required to become a business IT manager. The skills required to work on these projects include analysis, project management, and leadership. It is important to be able to supervise staff, work closely with others, and communicate effectively.



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