How do I Choose the Best IT Manager Training?

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The best information technology (IT) manager training usually provides a combination of technical skill, project management, and personal management. All of these skills are required in this role. An IT manager is expected to have expertise in a highly technical area, as well as people management skills.

People who are interested in become an IT manager typically will have five to ten years of experience working in the information technology sector. This is not an entry-level position, as candidates must have management experience and problem-solving skills. These skills most commonly are developed through practical experience.

The first IT manager training that you take should be focused on a specific skill. Information technology is such a large sector that all candidates usually focus on a specific skill, such as hardware or software. This type of training can be vendor-specific, focused on a particular software product, or more broad-based. There are a range of industry-standard certificates in a range of products and tools that are an ideal way to validate your expertise.

Almost all information technology positions involve project management. This is a specific skill set surrounding the most effective methods of organizing a project, assembling a team, and managing the process from start to finish. The Project Management ProfessionalĀ® (PMPĀ®) designation is the industry-standard IT manager training in project management.


Personal management skills can be developed through training programs or through working experience. The best IT manger training program usually is a post-graduate certificate in management or may be a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The post-graduate certificate options are available from a range of universities and typically are one year in length.

When looking for an IT manager training program, think about your short- and long-term career goals. An honest inventory of your skills is a great way to determine any gaps in your portfolio. Many people work with career counselors to learn about the skills commonly found in a specific position and to develop a plan to obtain these skills.

Anyone working in the information technology sector must be prepared for continuing education throughout his or her career. The degree of change in this industry is significant and is expected to continue to occur at a high rate. As a result, managers continually must complete courses to keep technical and project management skills up-to-date. In addition, courses in interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and communication are all important elements of any IT manager training program.



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