How do I Start an IT Manager Career?

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Many people who work in the information technology (IT) sector plan to start an IT manager career. The skills required are obtained through a combination of education and experience, usually over the course of five to eight years of progressive positions. There are a large number of specialties available for an IT manager career path, and selecting a focus can be difficult.

The first step necessary to start an IT manager career is to select a focus: hardware or software. These two broad categories encompass all the different aspects of IT. Think about your strengths and your area of interest when making this selection.

A hardware IT manager career can involve implementations, upgrades and system management. Opportunities are available in almost all industries, because of the widespread acceptance of information technology in business. Certification in various technologies is a standard requirement for this career path. Take the time to find out what hardware is currently the most prevalent, and obtain the necessary education.

In a software IT manager career path, there are a wide range of areas of specialization. The software products typically are organized by function, providing an opportunity to apply skills with one product to the competition, if required. Decide if you are interested in enterprise-wide systems, Web-based solutions or client-focused products. This additional focus is necessary because of the sheer volume of software options.


Formal training in computers or information technology is a prerequisite for an IT manager career. However, this training does not have to be a full degree or diploma. Many people complete undergraduate training in another field and take a certificate in a particular aspect of IT that is of interest to them.

The most common starting point for an IT manager career is a position as an analyst or developer. A business or systems analyst is required to use specific problem-solving skills and techniques to contribute to IT projects and initiatives. A developer often is a computer programmer who possesses advanced skills in a specific technology or platform. Working in this capacity, candidates obtain a strong knowledge base, which is necessary in this field.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to make the transition to an IT manager career. Investing in part-time courses to improve these skills is a great way to show potential employers that you are focused and ambitious. A formal certificate provides assurance that you have the appropriate caliber of skills for a high-profile position.



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