What are the Different Methods of Eyebrow Hair Removal?

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Common methods of eyebrow hair removal include plucking, threading, and waxing. Alternatives to these methods include electrolysis and laser hair removal. The suitability of an eyebrow hair removal method depends largely on the individual. Considerations include the sensitivity of an individual's skin, the amount of hair that needs to be removed, and how long the results can last.

For many individuals, plucking individual hairs with hand-held tweezers is an inexpensive and relatively nonirritating method of eyebrow hair removal. The advantage to plucking eyebrow hair with tweezers is that the plucker can be very precise in determining which hairs are removed. The plucker has a great deal of control over the hair removal process and is less likely to over-remove eyebrow hair. A variation on plucking is threading, an Eastern method of hair removal in which the practitioner runs twisted thread over the hairs that then plucks them out more quickly than tweezers do. While this process can be painful, it may be less irritating to the skin.


Some people who have their eyebrows arched prefer a quicker method than plucking or threading. These individuals may make use of waxing or sugaring, which is a process in which a sticky substance is applied to the skin, strips of cloth are placed over the substance, and then the strips are pulled off the skin, taking the hair with them. This method has the advantage of quick completion, which can reduce the discomfort of hair removal. The types of substances used in waxing and sugaring vary. Waxing is typically performed with a cosmetic wax, which is kept in a warm vat so it stays in its liquid state. Sugaring is done with a thick syrup or paste made from, as its name suggests, sugar. Some consider sugaring to be a gentler method of hair removal than waxing, though many people experience temporary redness and irritation from both methods.

Electrolysis involves the insertion of an electrified needle into a hair follicle, thereby destroying it. This method of eyebrow hair removal can be performed only by a trained professional and may require several treatments to completely stop hair growth. Laser hair removal must also be performed by a trained professional and, like electrolysis, can permanently remove hair. Individuals with very thick eyebrows or who have hair growth in the center of their brow bone, sometimes called a unibrow, may prefer these permanent methods of hair removal over their temporary counterparts, largely because desired eyebrow shapes may change with fashion, but excess hair may be perceived as an ongoing annoyance that should be permanently removed.



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Post 3

@SarahGen-- My sister had laser treatment done, but for leg hair removal, not eyebrows. The treatment definitely reduced her hair but it didn't get rid of everything. It might be different for eyebrows though, you should speak to a professional about it.

I personally have my eyebrows threaded. It lasts for a long time and it's not painful. It also doesn't cost much. If you want to have laser hair removal done, you need to consider the cost.

Post 2

Has anyone here tried eyebrow laser hair removal? I've heard that this is a permanent method of hair removal and only requires several sessions.

Post 1

I pluck my eyebrows with tweezers. This is the only hair removal method I've used on my eyebrows and I've been doing it for years.

I never considered shaving or waxing because I don't remove a lot of hair. I just remove a few extra hairs underneath my eyebrows and in between them. So I need a precise hair removal method.

Most people avoid plucking their eyebrows because it's painful. But I think that tolerance to pain increases with time. Also, removing hair after a hot shower reduces pain. There are also numbing creams and gels that can be used.

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