What are the Different Types of Hair Removal Products?

There are a large number of hair removal products on the market that are designed for quick and easy removal of facial and body hair. The average consumer has a variety of options for hair removal depending on the type and consistency of hair, and the lasting effects desired. The more common types of hair removal products are mechanical and electric razors, wax, tweezers, and depilatory creams.

Shaving is one of the more common ways to remove body hair, with a mechanical razor being the most common tool. Individuals who use a mechanical razor to shave are able to remove facial and body hair with the help of shaving cream. The cream acts as a buffer between the razor and the skin, effectively behaving like an emollient to reduce friction. Shaving only removes hair for a few days before it starts to grow in once again.

Individuals with curly hair types are sometimes adversely affected by a shaving with a razor. Curly hair tends to grow and curl back into the skin, leading to razor bumps. An electric shaver can help individuals who have a problem with ingrown hairs, since the electric shaver will remove hair, but still leave light stubble, allowing the hair to grow out but not cause razor bumps. Due to its ability to superficially remove hair, electric razors may not be a good option for people who are looking for a clean shaven look.


Waxing is another hair removal method popularized by people who are looking for comprehensive hair removal that lasts a longer time than conventional shaving. The wax is applied while warm in the direction of hair growth and hardens around the hair shaft. It is then quickly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth with the help of waxing strips. Waxing tends to leave skin smoother for longer periods of time since the entire hair shaft is removed. Some individuals may opt out of waxing, however, due to the pain associated with it.

The use of tweezers is another hair removal method that is generally used for unwanted hair in the facial region. Many people use tweezers to pluck hairs one by one from the brow or upper lip region. It is especially useful for targeting specific hairs for detailed shaping of hair lines, such as the eyebrows. Tweezing is also used as a secondary method following waxing or other removal methods.

For larger areas of skin, an epilator can be used to remove the hair. Epilators are electronic devices that use a similar plucking action to remove hair from the root. These hair removal products can be effective, but can a potentially painful endeavor for people with sensitive skin.

Depilatories are creams that dissolve the hair, allowing it to be easily wiped away with a towel or washcloth. These types of hair removal products lend for easy removal for both smaller and larger areas of hair. The caustic smells that are generally associated with depilatory creams can ward off some potential users, though advances have been made to provide a more friendly scent. Chemical burns are also a common occurrence if a user does not carefully follow application instructions.



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@turquoise-- I like hair removal creams. I think they are easy to use. There is also no pain involved and I don't have to worry about cutting myself like I do while shaving.

I have a low threshold for pain, so I can't wax. I am curious about epilators though. I heard that the new types of epilators are not very painful.

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@turquoise-- It's exactly as the names suggest, cold wax is used cold and hot wax is warmed up before using.

I've used both types of wax and I think that hot wax is better. Hot wax removes hair better and it's less painful. A bottle of cold wax lasts longer because you can use the same batch over and over again. So you might save some money but it's more painful and it's difficult to apply because it's cold. I always finish very quickly when I use hot wax and I don't feel much pain. But I do use more wax and I also pay for fabric sheets.

In terms of hair growing back, both wax types give the same results. It takes three to four weeks for hair to grow back.

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What is the difference between cold and hot wax for hair removal? Is one product better than the other?

According to everyone, what are the best hair removal products?

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