What Are the Different Home Hair Removal Methods?

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Home hair removal methods include shaving, waxing, and the use of depilatory creams and lotions. Other methods that may require the use of specialized, and often expensive, equipment include epilators and in-home laser devices. Each method has benefits and drawbacks, and the choice of method is often based on very individual concerns and needs. Some home hair removal methods carry with them certain risks that some individuals may wish to avoid. On the other hand, some of the less risky methods may not be as effective at cleanly removing hair and may require frequent upkeep.


Individuals who want to remove hair in the privacy of their own home or who want to avoid the cost of professional hair removal will often seek out home hair removal methods in drugstores or through various online or print magazine advertising. Many standard home methods are tried and true, and the products needed to accomplish this form of hair removal can easily be found in various types of retail shops in most places. For many people, a safety or electric razor is a cheap, effective, and relatively risk-free way to remove unwanted body and facial hair. The razor is stroked over the skin and cuts the hair off at its base. Many people, unless they have very sensitive skin, do not develop any sort of skin irritation from shaving. The disadvantage of this method of hair removal is that hair often grows back very quickly, and the shaving process itself can be time-consuming.

Some individuals prefer the use of depilatory creams and lotions. These products are spread on the skin and allowed to sit for a while so that they can dissolve the hair. This can have a smoother result than shaving, but like shaving, the hair can grow back relatively quickly. In addition, the chemicals used in depilatory creams can be irritating to the skin.

For longer lasting results, many people choose home hair removal methods that extract hair by the root, though this process can be painful and cause irritation. This has the advantage of retarding hair regrowth. Some individuals pluck out unwanted hair using tweezers, though this can be painful and is not practical for removing large amounts of hair. For individuals who wish to remove large patches of hair, waxes are available for home use. Another alternative is the use of an epilator, a hand-held machine that can be stroked over the skin so that it catches hair and pulls it out entirely.

Finally, in some places it is possible to purchase a laser hair removal system that can be used at home. The advantage of this type of system is that over time it can actually stop or greatly diminish hair regrowth. By purchasing a machine that can be used at home, individuals who seek hair removal can save money on the cost of repeated visits to a doctor's office or medical spa to receive laser hair removal treatments.



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