What Are the Different Methods of Back Hair Removal?

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There are a number of back hair removal products and treatments out in the market. A few of them have been tested and approved as an effective means for hair removal over time, like the use of razors, sugar, and wax treatments. Others were made from innovation, like depilatories lotions, electrolysis, and laser treatments. Naturally, the outcomes of any back hair removal product will vary from person to person.

Waxing requires smearing of wax on a hairy back, then applying a strip onto the wax. After a few seconds, the strip is ripped off, effectively removing wax and hair. Sugaring is a similar to waxing, except that it uses sugar paste as a substitute for the wax.

In the chance that a man is embarrassed about receiving waxing treatments at a facility, there are at-residence aestheticians who can carry out the deed in the comfort of one's home. There are also some waxing kits that could be easily bought at drug stores. Some waxing treatments are available in a jar, which can be warmed in a microwave, lending for easy use.


Electrolysis may sound more obtrusive, as the basis behind this back hair removal technique is that electrical particles zap hair follicles on the skin, subsequently immobilizing it from creating more hair. This method gives lasting results, but its effectiveness varies from person to person. The electrolysis process is performed by a licensed professional, and will usually require an appointment. Benefits associated with the treatments are the complete removal of hair or hair thinning out over time.

Back razors remove hair with a wide blade hinged on a handle. This back hair removal device permits a person to shave with relative ease, working in a fashion similar to a back brush used in showers. A person using a back razor may need the assistance of a friend, however, to help apply shaving cream.

Using a back razor can be a quick and simple solution for back hair, but it can potentially promote the formation of ingrown hairs, which occurs when growing hair curls back into the skin. This can be a particular drawback for African-American men, who are at risk of infection due to ingrown hairs. To nullify ingrown hairs, make sure that the hair is thoroughly moist prior to shaving, and be sure to shave within the direction of hair growth, ensuring to lather plenty of shaving cream for easy back hair removal.



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