What are the Different Insurance Claims Jobs?

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There are four different insurance claims jobs: private practice, working for an insurance company, teaching, and research. An insurance claims officer communicates directly with both the client and the insurance company. The role of insurance claims is to interact with clients, complete paperwork, investigate reports, and make liability decisions.

In order to qualify for insurance claims jobs, you will need a minimum high school diploma and additional training in the insurance industry. Additional courses or certification in word processing software and related computer programs are very helpful in this career. Clear written and oral communication skills are very important in the insurance industry, and necessary when applying for these types of jobs.

A growing trend away from direct employment to independent contractor arrangements has resulted in the growth of private insurance claims businesses. People can secure a contract to process insurance claims from their home office, using company software. They are paid as independent contractors and are able to deduct business expenses from their taxes.

The most common type of insurance claims jobs are still found by working directly for an insurance company. The company provides all the tools and resources necessary. This type of job can range from processing to investigation or random auditing of submitted claims.


Insurance claims professionals can become instructors at local community or career colleges, teaching courses to people who want to become insurance claims processor or adjusters. They can also become instructors in loss prevention courses for companies and other groups. To become an instructor, many people complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition.

Research into insurance claims patterns and related issues is a huge area of exploration. This type of position typically requires a university education in statistics, data management, or a related field. Additional experience in the insurance industry is very helpful, as it provides valuable context to the data.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in insurance claims jobs enjoy helping people, problem solving and working independently. Insurance is a service purchased to reduce or manage future risk. The way in which claims are managed has a huge impact on client satisfaction and the success of the business.

Career advancement opportunities are numerous in the insurance industry. There are a wide range of supervisory and managerial jobs available, in addition to areas of specialization. Additional courses are typically required to be considered for these roles.



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