What are the Different Health Insurance Jobs?

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There are three different health insurance jobs: sales, claims, and adjusters. Health insurance is a service purchased by individuals for themselves and their family members. Subscribers pay a monthly fee that allows them access to medical services when required with little or no additional charge. Health insurance jobs involve interaction with clients, administrative processes, investigate reports, and ensuring procedures are followed.

In order to qualify for health insurance jobs, you will need a minimum high school diploma and additional training in the insurance industry. Additional courses or certification in word processing software and related computer programs are very helpful in this career. Clear written and oral communication skills are very important in the insurance industry, and necessary when applying for these types of jobs.

Health insurance sales jobs are widely available and are typically telephone based. There are two types of health insurance sales positions: corporate or personal. A corporate salesperson works with companies who want to provide health insurance coverage as a benefit to their employees. Discussions center around cost splitting, risk, and management. Personal health insurance sales is for people who purchase insurance directly from the company, as their employer does not offer it.


Claims jobs are usually located in a centralized claims processing center. The claim information is submitted by either the health care provider or the client. The claims officer reviews the information, enters or confirms the data in the computer system, and submits it for processing.

Adjusters are responsible for conducting random audits of claims, meeting with clients who have a complex claim, and evaluating the company's liability to pay. The role of an adjuster is to meet with the client, collect information from the health services providers, and make a decision. This role requires additional training and certification.

Health insurance is a huge industry in countries without a government provided plan. The criteria for qualifying for insurance coverage varies, but may include a doctors visit and the completion of a form. Periodic health tests may also be required.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in health insurance jobs enjoy helping people, problem solving and working independently. Insurance is a service purchased to reduce or manage future risk. The way in which claims are managed has a huge impact on client satisfaction and the success of the business.

Career advancement opportunities are numerous in the insurance industry. There are a wide range of supervisory and managerial jobs available, in addition to areas of specialization. Additional courses are typically required to be considered for these roles.



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