How do I Become an Insurance Salesperson?

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Insurance salespeople, also called insurance sales agents, sell life insurance, medical insurance, auto insurance and other forms of insurance. Captive agents represent a single insurance company, and independent agents, or brokers, work with several companies to find the right policies for their customers. Licensing is required in the United States to become an insurance salesperson. Good communications skills and sales and marketing ability are important qualities to have to become an insurance salesperson. A college degree might or might not be required if you want to become an insurance salesperson.

There are different paths you can take to become an insurance salesperson. Some people get jobs with insurance companies in customer service or other roles, learn all they can about the insurance business and naturally progress into the position of salesperson. Others attend college, gaining degrees in business, marketing, finance or other areas, before seeking jobs in the industry. Even without prior insurance industry experience or a college degree, you still can become an insurance salesperson if you have the right qualifications that an insurance company wants. Qualifications can vary between companies, but proven sales ability, a customer service focus and any previous experience in financial services or similar areas might get you in the door.


Some insurance companies have training and internship programs to develop new salespeople. These opportunities allow people whom employers think might do well in the field to learn the profession at the hands of experienced salespeople. Companies that offer training and internship programs often will assist prospective insurance salespeople with testing and licensing requirements. More than one type of license might be required, depending upon the type of insurance being sold and whether you are planning to sell a variety of insurances or specialize in particular areas.

Having expertise in a commercial industry or area can help you gain clients and progress as an insurance salesperson. For example, if you have experience with horses, you might find your niche in the area of selling insurance to equestrian businesses. Other niche opportunities exist for insurance salespeople in boating and other areas.

Licensing in the United States is through individual states. Usually, completion of courses and exams is required to receive a license. Continuing education in the insurance field also is often a requirement to retain your license. Staying up to date about insurance regulations and new developments in the industry is important if you want to become a successful insurance salesperson and gain customer confidence. Attending industry conferences and seminars and taking college courses in the field can help ensure your continuing success in this dynamic industry.



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