How do I get Insurance Sales Training?

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There are three ways to get insurance sales training: community college, employment by an insurance company, or using online resources and books. Insurance is a financial services product that allows clients to purchase a policy, where the company will pay to cover the cost of specific types of losses. The client pays a monthly fee to the insurance company, based on the insurance policy he purchased. The company only pays if there is a claim.

Sales representatives sell insurance policies. There are many different types of insurance policies, ranging from automobile to life insurance. There are specific rules surrounding who can sell insurance, and most states have a licensing requirement. All insurance sales people must be a licensed insurance broker. This is to stop fraud, or the selling of policies that are not backed by an actual insurance company.

There is a wide range of insurance sales training programs available at the community college level. These programs are typically six to eight months in length, and are often available at night or on the weekends. Insurance policies can be very complex, and it is important to understand the entire terminology specific to the insurance industry to properly explain insurance to potential clients.


The most common way to receive insurance sales training is through employment with an insurance company as a sales agent or insurance broker. These training programs are typically six to eight weeks in length of full-time employment, with an examination at the end. A minimum pass mark must be achieved on the exam, before the employment offer is confirmed.

Insurance sales training in this environment is a combination of classroom and sales practice. All the sales agents practice their sales pitches during the course. Insurance is a very complex product, and there is a lot of information to absorb. Only through practice and insurance sales training can the candidates achieve the appropriate level of skill.

There are a wide range of online courses, books, tapes, and resources available to help you complete insurance sales training. Look for resources that are not necessarily insurance specific, but are for the sale of complex products. Good examples include software support services sales, subscription plans, and maintenance contracts.

All these products face the same challenge from a sales perspective. The products are paid for, in case they are required at a later date. It is quite possible that the service will never be required. Learning techniques to overcome this resistance to a sale is very important.



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