What is an Insurance Sales Agent?

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An insurance sales agent is an individual who works with clients and prospective clients to determine the insurance products that will work for them. Unlike an insurance broker, who works for the client to seek insurance quotes, an insurance sales agent works for the insurance company itself, unless he or she is an independent insurance agent. This distinction may be very important to those who are looking at getting quotes from multiple insurance companies. The insurance agent's main job is to make money for the company, yet provide the customer with a valuable product as well.

To provide the best service for the money, the insurance sales agent will carefully consider what is needed. This will come in the form of asking the client questions about what types of coverage they are interested in, how much they have to protect, and how much they are willing to spend on premiums. Depending on the answers, the insurance sales agent will then tailor a package that is capable of meeting the needs of the client at a price the client is willing to pay.


In the vast majority of cases, the insurance sales agent may be the sole face of the company for the client. He or she will often meet periodically with the client to evaluate any life changes, and modify coverage to fit the latest circumstances. The agent may also help start the claims process by providing forms, and offering advice when it comes to submitting a claim. Some agents may even accept the claims forms, and forward them on to the proper department.

Most insurance sales agents only focus on one or two lines of insurance. The insurance industry has become standardized and is typically broken down into different divisions. For example, health insurance may comprise one division. Home and auto insurance may make up another division. Life insurance could be a third division. The benefit of working with a specialist is that he or she is likely to know the products in greater detail. The benefit of working with a more generalized agent is the fact that the client can really build a positive business relationship with him or her.

When looking at an insurance career, many may choose to start out as an insurance sales agent. A degree in a field such as finance, business administration, or marketing can be especially helpful when it comes to landing that initial job. Some jobs may not require a degree, but licensing with a state agency will be required in nearly every case. Check with your state's insurance division for more details on licensing requirements.



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