What are the Different Dialysis Technician Jobs?

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Dialysis technicians are responsible for a variety of jobs in order to ensure the well-being of dialysis patients. The kidneys of a dialysis patient do not remove urine and waste products from the blood correctly. Undergoing a dialysis procedure helps to correct this problem.

It is the dialysis technician's job to ensure that the procedure is executed without complications. The technician checks the patient's temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. He or she will also monitor the patient's blood to be certain that waste and urine is being removed efficiently.

Some patients prefer to receive dialysis treatments within their privacy of their own homes. A dialysis technician will visit patients inside their homes and instruct them how to use dialysis equipment. He or she will also record patient information and maintain and repair dialysis equipment.

Dialysis technicians perform two kinds of dialysis on patients. The first type is known as hemodialysis. In this particular procedure, the patient's blood is filtered through a machine. The blood is then purified and returned to the body. Peritoneal dialysis is a procedure where the technician inserts a tube inside the patient's stomach. The peritoneum, or membrane that lines the abdominal cavity, serves as a filter.


People interested in becoming dialysis technicians can receive training in community colleges or vocational schools. Nurses who wish to work in the dialysis field can benefit from training on the job or attending workshops. Dialysis technicians who are not nurses may require certification, depending on the state where they live.

Technicians that perform dialysis on patients must have excellent customer service skills since they work with the public on a daily basis. Working with complex medical machines requires them to possess a mechanical aptitude as well. Their work environment may sometimes be stressful, as patients requiring dialysis realize that this procedure is what keeps them alive. A dialysis technician must pay careful attention to detail and behave in a professional manner.

Dialysis technician jobs can be found in hospitals, dialysis centers, doctor's offices, and clinics. Such technicians visit patient's homes as well. Before trying to find dialysis technician jobs, it may be useful to volunteer or find employment at a hospital or dialysis center to learn more about the field. It may be possible to shadow a dialysis technician to receive a real-world view of dialysis technician jobs. It's also important to discover the licensing and certification that a particular state requires for dialysis technician jobs.



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