What Are the Different Types of Line Technician Jobs?

There are a variety of line technician jobs available, including electrical line technicians, cable technicians, aircraft line workers, and assembly workers. Many times a line technician will be referred to as a lineman or utility technician, especially in the electrical and cable installation fields. Each type of job requires its own education and experience levels in order to be completed properly. Since each of these types are in various industries, salaries and benefits may be vastly different between them.

One of the most common line technician jobs is that of the electrical lineman. This job requires physical strength and extreme attention to detail, as it can be very hazardous if done improperly. Electrical linemen may work to construct, install, repair, and service electrical power lines. Basic skills needed for this job include industrial electricity, and pole climbing; many times a commercial driving license is also required since electrical linemen often operate heavy machinery and trucks. Cable line technician jobs are very similar to this, except in these jobs cable wires are being serviced rather than electrical lines.

Educational requirements for electrical linemen vary based on the company and location. Certifications are available at several specialized trade schools, or those who study industrial electricity may also apply. In some cases, training may be provided on the job for those who are willing to learn. Beginners are often employed as helpers until they learn the skills needed to handle more dangerous work. Cable technicians require similar training, either in trade school or on the job.

There are also airport-related line technician jobs which require workers to handle issues outside of an aircraft. Duties may include contacting other workers via radio to report on runway conditions, keep track of aircraft movement, and maintaining ramps. This job is most common in smaller airports and is not common in those with commercial aircraft. The level of education needed for this job may vary depending on the exact responsibilities being handled. Some training in aviation is generally recommended.

Line technician jobs may also include certain assembly workers who perform multiple duties in factories. These workers may run any program machinery needed to perform daily tasks, assemble products or place items onto conveyor belts for assembly. Unlike other assembly line workers, line technicians may perform more duties and they may work in various locations in the same factory loading and controlling the machines. Those interested in this career can often apply with only a high school diploma, although certain college or trade school courses are beneficial.


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