How Do I Become a Line Technician?

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Before you consider taking steps to become a line technician, you will need to determine what specific career you intend to enter. The term can refer to several types of jobs, from a line technician who works on overhead power lines, to a tech who works in a factory on specific extrusion machines. Another type of line technician will work in an airport or other aviation setting tending to aircraft and other machines that operate within that setting. Many programs are available to help you become a line technician once you decide exactly which field you want to get into.

Just about every job of this type will require you to complete a high school education. Other education requirements may vary if you want to become a line technician: a line tech working in an airport setting may need a specific college degree or certificate, while a line tech working on overhead lines may need to participate in an apprenticeship or training program. If you want to become a line technician in a factory setting working on extrusion machines, you will very likely need no specific level of education, but you will need to do on-the-job training that can take several weeks, months, or years.

It helps to take an entry-level position within the field if you want to become a line technician. This may mean starting with a low-paying job and working your way up through the ranks until you qualify for a line tech job. While you are working in such positions, it is a good idea to demonstrate a strong work ethic and a willingness and ability to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. Impressing your employers will improve your chances of getting an opportunity to take part in an apprenticeship program or specific training that will help you become a line technician in a given field.

Every line tech job will require you to be in good physical condition, as the job can be strenuous and you are likely to work long hours. It may help to get into shape by joining a gym or otherwise working out regularly. Be able to perform heavy lifting, and be prepared to spend a good part of your day on your feet, moving, climbing, or otherwise actively working at a specific task. The physical requirements will vary according to which line tech job you are pursuing; most employers will outline specific requirements ahead of time.


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