How do I Choose the Best Dialysis Technician Training?

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The best dialysis technician training will teach you the skills needed to assist people with kidney disorders while gaining hands-on experience with the latest dialysis equipment. If possible, find a program that allows you to complete an internship in a medical setting as part of the program. The internship can occur in any of the settings in which you might work as a dialysis technician, including renal dialysis centers or in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics, to name a few.

Much of your dialysis technician training should be tied to operating, monitoring and disinfecting the dialysis equipment. Coursework also should cover kidney anatomy and physiology, blood chemistry, possible complications of renal failure and an overview of kidney transplant procedures. Learning how to interact with patients also will be vital to your success.

The best dialysis technician training will help you learn how to provide emotional support for patients. Understandably, many patients will be fearful because of the procedure as well as the condition they have. Part of your job will be to explain the procedure, answer any questions and help put the patients at ease. Doing this will require a strong knowledge of the procedure as well as a good dose of compassion.


During the dialysis procedure, you will be monitoring and making notations about the overall physical and mental health of patients. This can be done both by observing and by talking to the patients. Aside from gathering information, you also will be expected to provide emotional support and tips for self-care while the patient is at home.

Medical techniques are constantly advancing, and the same is true with dialysis equipment and procedures. For this reason, it is important to find a dialysis technician training program that allows you to work with the latest equipment. The training needed to excel in this field goes well beyond listening to a lecture or studying a textbook.

Finally, be sure to find a dialysis technician training program that is accredited or certified. You often can obtain a certificate that will take roughly one year to complete. Associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees also are available. A bachelor’s degree often is required to advance into supervisory positions. Obtaining a nursing degree also would be an asset if you want to advance your career.

Depending on where you live, you might be required to pass a licensing exam before beginning work. Check in your area to determine whether any certification or licensing exams are required. Be sure to meet all minimum requirements so you can increase your chance of landing a job after completing your program.



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