What are the Best Tips for Organizing a Laundry Room?

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Organizing a laundry room is one way to fit a large number of items into what is typically a small space. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of vertical space by hanging shelves or a bar above the washer and dryer so both laundry and miscellaneous items can be stored out of the way. Homeowners can also make the most of the small area by adding a small table or ironing board that folds into the wall, a sectioned laundry hamper, and several small containers for detergents and other laundry supplies. Setting aside an area for items that need to be grabbed on the way out the door can also be helpful, because this can cut down on stress when leaving for work or to run errands.


When space is at a premium, the only way to go is up, especially if the ceiling is particularly high; just be sure not to go so high that getting items from their storage spots becomes prohibitive. Homeowners planning on organizing a laundry room are encouraged to look for ways to store items up high, rather than on the floor or on the washing machine. For example, a bar can be installed above the washer and dryer and used to hang clean clothes so they are not draped over appliances or thrown in baskets to wrinkle. It is also usually possible to hang organizing tools, such as hanging shelves, from the bar. This kind of product is usually lightweight and has several compartments, making it ideal for storing folded clothes when organizing a laundry room.

It is also helpful to organize items necessary for doing the laundry so they fit well, starting by dividing a large box of detergent into several smaller containers. This way, only one small box needs to be easily accessible and the rest can be kept out of the way on a higher shelf until needed. Laundry rooms without enough space for a standard ironing board can benefit from the installation of a hanging board that unfolds from the wall when necessary. The same goes for a table on which to fold clothes and a drying rack for wet clothes. Finally, a rolling cart or sectioned hamper can help separate colored clothes from the delicates and whites.

The laundry room is often near an entrance to the home, such as a garage. This is partly why organizing a laundry room is so important, because it is usually necessary to go through this room to leave the house. Once the area is less cluttered, its location can be an advantage, because a shelf or bin can be placed in the room and filled with items that need to be taken on the way out the door. For example, keys, jackets, and mail needing to be posted can all be placed in this area. Corralling small items that are used often, such as cleaning products and pet supplies, into one bin in this area can also help in organizing a laundry room.



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